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LEDIC and HATT Holiday Breakfast - December 21, 2019

4 people posing behind seated Santa and Christmas tree
Woman, boy and toddler posing with Santa and Christmas tree
Table of Christmas gifts
Woman with boy and girl smiling with Santa for picture
woman blinking in picture with 2 kids and santa
Tables with holiday decorations for guests
Parents and kids at tables for Holiday breakfast
Table of treats for guests and 2 guests smiling
Woman pushing stroller into holiday breakfast party
Santa with group of 6 people posing by Christmas tree
Santa with group of 6 people posing by Christmas tree and present table behind
Santa with 2 little boys on his lap
Santa with baby in his lap
Santa posing with family of five
Santa seated posing with 5 guests
Kids at table with toys from the holiday breakfast
Kids showing off gifts they received at holiday breakfast
Kids and their parents looking over table of gifts
Santa posing with 2 little girls and their parents
Table covered with unwrapped gifts for kids
platter of treat bags for guests
Santa posing with little boy on couch
Santa posing with little boy also wearing a Santa hat
Group photo with Santa and nine other people
Santa in an easy chair in front of window and Christmas tree
Little girl examining her holiday gifts
Adult and children guests seated around table for breakfast
two little boys examining their toys
Woman holding little girl with presents table behind
Santa with grown woman on his lap for picture
Guests at breakfast watching and taking their own picture
Breakfast table for guests at holiday breakfast