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Texas Severe Winter Storms Disaster Recovery

Recovering from a disaster can be tough to do for everyone with the amount of paperwork involved on top of surviving the storm itself. 

Lone Star Legal Aid's Disaster Relief Unit is available to provide free civil legal services to eligible applicants to assist with problems like: 

  • Evictions, Repairs, Security Deposits, and Other Landlord Problems;
  • Mortgage Difficulties, such as Foreclosure;
  • Repair Scams, Insurance Claims, and Appeals;
  • Property Rights, Title Clearing, and Probate;
  • Lost/Destroyed Documents;
  • Appealing FEMA Decisions;
  • Income Maintenance;
  • Access to Healthcare;
  • Education;
  • Unemployment Benefits; and
  • Family Law Issues.

State Bar of Texas Disaster Hotline
To All Callers Statewide 800-504-7030 

1-800-733-8394 | 

What can FEMA do for me? 

  1. Can FEMA help me with temporary housing?
    Yes. FEMA can help you with your hotel bill. In some cases, FEMA will pay the hotel bill for you. You can check for a list of those hotels at If your hotel is not a participating hotel, save your hotel bill to ask for FEMA reimbursement after you check out.
  2. Can FEMA help me with rent?
    Yes. FEMA can help you out with rent at a new place if your home was damaged by a disaster.
  3. Can FEMA help me with rent if I rented my damaged home?
    Yes. FEMA can help you with at least one month's rent at a new place.
  4. Can FEMA help me repair my home?
    Yes. If you own your home, FEMA can provide homeowners with a limited amount of help to make your residence safe, sanitary, and functional. Homeowners who have good credit and enough income to pay off a loan may also get a government-backed loan to fully repair their home. You may need to clear up ownership of your property if you do not have a deed in your name by the time you register with FEMA.
  5. Can FEMA help me replace my personal belongings?
    Yes. FEMA can give you money to replace personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed during the disaster. Things that FEMA can help you replace include vehicles, furniture, appliances, and other important personal property.
  6. Can FEMA help me with other expenses caused by a disaster?
    Yes. FEMA can help you with the medical expenses, dental expenses, funeral expenses, transportation expenses, and other serious needs caused by the disaster. FEMA will not cover these expenses unless you can show that they were caused by the disaster. You may also need to provide receipts for any other expense caused by a disaster.
  7. Can FEMA help me if I have insurance?
    Yes. FEMA can help you with needs that are not covered by your insurance or give you money while you are waiting on insurance money. You may need to give FEMA a copy of your insurance policy. FEMA will not cover your insurance
  8. How do I ask FEMA to help me?
    Call or go online at: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or or for smartphones.


  • Considering filing for FEMA help even if you don't think you need it at the time. This can help document your damage in case you later need FEMA help.
  • Keep all papers you get from FEMA.
  • Keep receipts showing how you spend the money FEMA gives you. Keep these receipts for three years.
  • When FEMA gives you money, they will tell you how you should use it.
  • Only use FEMA money for the things FEMA tells you to spend it on.
  • Apply for other benefits, such as disaster unemployment and disaster food stamps if possible, so you won't be tempted to use FEMA money for living expenses.
  • Be sure to claim the total value of your damaged house or property even if it's more than FEMA or insurance limits.
  • You can contact Lone Star Legal Aid if you have any problems with FEMA.

Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline: 1-800-504-7030