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1st Annual HATT Insight Scholarships Presented

Five HATT Insight Scholarship recipients were recognized Friday August 27th. Each recipient was awarded $1,000.

Recipients were:

  • Chiquita Trotter
  • Denise Stewart
  • April White
  • Talandria Johnson
  • Kandee Arnett

InSight is a scholarship program for graduating high school seniors who are HATT residents or participants (including the housing choice voucher program) and are seeking post-secondary education at an accredited educational institution, or residents/participants who are high school seniors but are already enrolled in a higher educational program.

HATT Insight Scholarship

HATT CEO Antonio Williams (far left) and Board Chair Melva Flowers (far right) present the following five students their $1,000 scholarships: (from left) Chiquita Trotter, Denise Stewart, April White, Talandria Johnson and Kandee Arnett (Kandee's father Jivara accepted the award for her).

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