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Join our BigLIFT Movement!

Join our BigLIFT movement and help LEAD THE WAY to change our community story from “ghetto” to “GREAT!” in THREE EASY ACTIONS:

  1. Share what YOU love about Texarkana at #goTXK
  2. Keep up with and share the What’s to Love Txk weekly news by subscribing at 
  3. SHARE this CALL TO ACTION with everyone in YOUR network

There is no team or business that comes in “first” in their market if they accept “trash talk” as their team (or community) story. We are a community of excellence AND OPPORTUNITY with assets that exceed so many other communities our size, and we need to name it and CLAIM it! The negatives of Texarkana self-talk will not change unless we ALL step up and act with intention to change it.

BigLiftTexarkana Community Leaders