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Manager of Housing Choice Voucher Programs (HCVP)

Job Title: Manager of Housing Choice Voucher Programs (HCVP)
Exempt: Yes
Salary Level: Salaried
Minimum: $ 61,112.00 / Maximum: Depending on experience
Employee Reports To: Chief Operating Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer / Date: May 3, 2023
Revised: May 3, 2023
Application Due Date: Open Until Filled

This position is responsible for providing overall leadership for all business related to the administration of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program for Village Communities of Texarkana, Texas (VCTT). Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer (or designee), this position will be responsible for the daily direction and support to staff, ensuring that all work products prepared by the department are completed in a timely manner and are produced with the highest quality, ensuring efficient operations and program compliance.

Essential Duties
The following duties ARE NOT intended to serve as a comprehensive list of all duties performed by all employees in this classification. Shown are duties intended to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities. Incumbent(s) may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be required to perform additional, position-specific duties.

  1. Responsible for the management of the HCVP Department, ensuring adequate internal planning, program utilization, and administration of programs in accordance with the local and state laws, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA) Village Communities of Texarkana, Texas (VCTT) policies and procedures, the Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP), and other systems as needed. Establishes and maintains an outreach program to effectively publicize the program objectives, eligibility guidelines, and application procedures. Performance Standards: Compliance with HUD's rules and regulations for the HCVP administration and adherence to the agency's Administrative Plan and Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) reports.

  2. Creates and monitors strategic initiatives; collaborates with the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer to develop new goals and monitor progress via measurable metrics. Leads planning sessions for various meetings, including high-level monitoring, utilization, management team, and business process improvement.

  3. Oversees the issuing and receipt of HUD forms 52665 and accompanying required documents for families porting in and out of VCTT's jurisdiction in accordance with HUD rules. May request and provides information on porting families and provide Administrative Fee rates to initial and receiving PHA's. Ensures tracking of all port activity to ensure timely execution of HAP contracts. Leads the department in the reconciliation of all accounts receivables and accounts payables relative to portability activity. Performance Standards: Port activity conducted in accordance with HUD PIH 2004-12. All accounts receivables and payable discrepancies resolved. All tracking spreadsheets are current and complete.

  4. Monitors timely re-examinations for 100% of families in the assigned caseload; Performs income calculations to determine the correct rent amount (family contribution and HAP contribution). Conduct personal quality control review of calculations. Performance Standard: 100% of re-exams conducted with at least 98% accuracy on all calculations; Compliance with CFR 982.

  5. Assigns, leads, trains, and audits the work of HCV staff; recommends rewards and discipline and how to adjust grievances; provides recommendations on suspension, terminations, recruiting, and promoting; coaches, counsels, and evaluates staff performance; develops staff schedules; and ensures deadlines for the department are met.

  6. Develops annual HCV department budget and monitors the budget on a monthly basis. Coordinates with the Finance Department for proper disbursement of operational funds through VMS for the HCV program. Review the monthly HAP Register for any issues with payments; Complete electronic forms and retrieve information from the automated system; Performance Standard: Accurate correspondences, forms, 50058s, and payments to landlords.

  7. Monitor and control timely PIC data entry and transmission. Ensures that data is accurate prior to transmission; provides error reports to supervisor for corrections; Recommends and or provides one-on-one training of staff as need is identified by PIC error reports. Recommend corrective actions required to achieve 100% reporting with no fatal errors. Performance Standards: Monthly report on PIC errors with recommendations for corrective actions and or training; PIC reporting rate of 100% with no fatal errors.

  8. Ensures that all HCV staff maintain case files in accordance with the prescribed format, ensuring that all essential data is contained therein. Make written notes to file on a log of correspondence and/or oral/telephone contacts with participants, landlords, and providers of third-party verifications. Performance Standard: Notations in a file that provides the date, time, content, and initialing of each entry (electronic notations are permitted, provided that all required information is logged)

  9. Ensures that appropriate required reports, VCTT Board actions, and legal responses required by the Authority and HUD are prepared and presented in a timely manner. Performance Standard: Completion of spreadsheets, logs, and reports by weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual cut-off dates.

  10. Ensures that the HCV department staff provides excellent customer service by delivering timely program information in response to emails and telephone inquiries received and or directing calls to appropriate staff. Answer phone calls and emails from the landlord, tenants, and other housing agencies regarding the status of assistance and HAP payments; Resolves complaints and disputes with owners and clients as appropriate. Performance Standard: Phone calls returned and or referred within 48 hours.

  11. Provide oversight for the FSS Program, ensuring that timely contact with families potentially eligible for participation in FSS and homeownership activity as per established guidelines. Performance standard: referrals of families who meet special program eligibility.

  12. Monitor timely and accurate processing of eligible Section 8 applicants from the waiting list as warranted by the number of vouchers issued and funding provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development; Maintains records and reports relative to applicant status post initial interview through transfer to continued occupancy. Performance Standards: Consistently completing assigned work in accordance with established priorities, maintaining a high degree of accuracy, demonstrating initiative and adherence to strict confidentiality as required or appropriate; accurately maintaining Manager work schedules and reports.

  13. Compliance monitoring for Issuing program vouchers in accordance with program regulations, HCV guidebook, and agency administrative plan. Tracks and monitors voucher utilization in coordination with compliance and finance. Conduct quality control (QC) reviews of selection from the wait list in accordance with sample size dictated by SEMAP regulations. Monitor eligibility activity to ensure compliance with SEMAP indicators: (1) Waiting list, (3) Determination of Adjusted Income, (8) FMR Limit and Payment Standards, (10) Correct Tenant Rent Calculations, (13) Utilization (Lease-up), and (14) family self-sufficiency. Performance Standards: Report on monthly QC file reviews of cases completed by case managers and wait list samples. Corrective action and recommendations communicated to staff for systemic problems discovered.

  14. Conduct meetings with applicants and owners to resolve problems and complaints regarding program participation and answer/return phone calls of applicants, participants, property owners, and the general public regarding the Section 8 program. Draft written correspondence in response to inquiries from clients, owners, and government entities regarding subsidized housing programs. Performance Standards: Effective delivery of customer service evidenced by improved customer relations; documentation of phone calls returned within 48 hours. Files maintained on correspondence initiated.

  15. Ensures that conducted briefings for families and landlords are done according to all applicable regulations and policies; Leads in landlord outreach activity. Lead decision-making and strategy for opening and or closing waiting list; Performance Standard: Reports on briefing conducted for families and landlords; reports on outreach activity and written recommendations on the status of the waiting list.

  16. Monitors the annual/interim re-certification activities to ensure timely and accurate processing and completion of scheduled appointments; continuing eligibility applications; re-certification of eligibility; provision of required notices to all participants; Assigning appropriate caseloads to Case Managers to ensure that all re-exam activity is completed and submitted for review within 60 days of the effective date. Performance Standards: Consistently completing assigned work in accordance with established priorities, maintaining a high degree of accuracy, demonstrating initiative and adherence to strict confidentiality as required or appropriate. Accurately maintained case Manager work schedules and reports.

  17. Conduct quality control (QC) reviews on at least 25% of re-certifications completed for compliance with SEMAP indicators (3) Determination of Adjusted Income, (6) HQS Enforcement, (7) Expanding Housing Opportunities, (8) FMR Limit and Payment Standards, (9) Annual Re-examinations, (10) Correct Tenant Rent Calculations, (13) Lease-up and (14) family self-sufficiency. Performance Standards: Report on monthly QC file reviews of cases completed by case managers. Corrective action and recommendations communicated to staff for systemic problems discovered.

  18. Maintains audit-ready documentation on all SEMAP sampling and review activity, in accordance with the established procedure, in a centrally located and secure area; maintains a departmental library containing current versions of all rules, regulations, guidebooks, notices, policies, procedures, and forms. Maintains and controls client and landlord files. Request automated reports from MIS and Finance to aid in effective program monitoring and payment reconciliations. Performance Standards: Monthly report on SEMAP documentation; Updated program information centrally filed and accessible; Adequate written controls established for program files.

  19. Coordinates the monthly compilation of data for tracking, monitoring and reporting on Section 8 utilization with the Eligibility Manager and Section 8 Finance staff, projecting program utilization for the purpose of controlling voucher issuance.

  20. Compilation of department statistical data and other reports at the request of the Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Operating Officer, or other agency or government officials to answer questions regarding funding and or utilization. Performance Standards: regular reports to be submitted to the Chief Operating Officer regarding program utilization; written recommendations on improving program utilization.

  21. Ensures that properties are in compliance with HUD-established Housing Quality Standards and Uniform Property Condition Standards. Provides quality control (QC) for UPCS/V inspections and coordinates with VCTT staff as required facilitating completion.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of Texas Tenant/Landlord law.
  2. Proven ability to develop and work within property-level budgets.
  3. Ability to obtain a Housing Choice Voucher Executive Management Certification within one year of hire.
  4. Knowledge of HUD regulations related to occupancy management, voucher management, and tax credit compliance involving the Housing Choice Voucher program.
  5. Knowledge of asset management filing systems.
  6. Good communication and supervisory skills.
  7. Ability to supervise subordinate employees in a fair and impartial manner.
  8. Sophisticated knowledge of basic office computer software, including Internet and e-mail systems.

Physical Requirements
The duties of this position are primarily office and site-based and require manual dexterity sufficient to competently use office equipment such as a computer keyboard or calculator. From time to time, the holder of this position will be required to conduct site visits that would include the ability to traverse over a 1/4 mile at a time and the ability to climb stairs. Effective written and oral communication skills are also required, such as complex written responses to a regulatory agency or public information requests.

Education and Experience
Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Business Administration, Public Administration, or related field; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which, in the sole determination of the Housing Authority, constitutes the required knowledge and abilities.

A minimum of three years progressive experience in the Housing Choice Voucher program, with knowledge of the principles of Housing Choice Voucher management, HQS and UPCS inspection protocols, and resident relations.

A Master's degree may be substituted for one year of general experience.

Must possess a valid driver's license and be able to be covered by the VCTT's insurance.

Effective and respectful communication and interaction with other employees and supervisors; Conduct staff meetings with team members to discuss operational problems, changes, results of Quality Control reviews, and other program-related matters. Confer with peers and supervisors relative to the needs of the division/program. Performance Standards: Maintaining an orderly and pleasant work environment; cohesive and productive work group; documented monthly staff meetings; documented written recommendations on program needs.


VCTT Instrumentalities & Affiliates (When engaged)

Provide various professional services under agreements with HUD and other entities, including, but not limited to:

HCV Services

Technical Assistance - HCV Program Administration; When engaged & assigned...

  • Provide consulting and program management services
  • Interpret and implement new HUD policies and requirements
  • Develop strategies for responding to audit findings
  • Provide customized training based on client needs and assessments
  • Conduct program assessments and process mapping in order to improve program efficiencies, identify training areas and reduce administrative costs.
  • Oversee waiting list openings, including marketing materials, call center, applicant assistance, lottery selection, and applicant notifications

Technical Assistance - Inspection Services; When engaged & assigned...

  • Offer Inspections by HQS-certified and lead-based paint-trained inspectors
  • Provide technology tools that create efficient and effective routes
  • Assist Owners and Participants by offering a dedicated Web Portal to access real-time information, including schedules, results, and deficiencies.
  • Deliver immediate notice to the PHA, owner, and tenant for failed inspections via email and mail.
  • Provide customer service Call Center

Technical Assistance - Technology Tools; When engaged & assigned...

  • Provide proprietary HCV technology tools to reduce administrative costs and improve efficiency:
  • Applicant Portal for simple online wait list application management
  • Inspection Management System to monitor inspectors, improve communication, and maintain letters and photos in real-time
  • Quality Control Management System to monitor compliance and staff performance and reduce errors
  • Owner and Participant Portals to manage owner and resident activity